About Nenek

Selamat datang

Nenek is the Malay word for grandmother. It is  used at the same time to address the grandmother.


Why Dinner for Four

The idea to establish Dinner for Four was born in 2010 out of a seminar offered by my employer for his employees who were on the threshold of retirement.

The Chinese saying: “You live to eat.” supplemented the material learnt at the seminar which gave me the impetus to make the idea come true. The traditional recipes of my family, mainly those of my maternal grandmother who had tested and used them in her profession as a cook, are the fundaments of Nenek’s Dinner for Four.


What does Nenek offer?

A meal consisting of an aperitif, an entre, a salad, the main course, dessert, tea or coffee and mineral water. Included in the meal is half a bottle  of wine per person.

Why for Four?

It is a dinner for the family, when each diner could enjoy the food and each other’s company and to retire from the noise and the chores of the day. Therefore a maximum of 4 guests could participate in the family meal with the cook and her partner who creates the desserts.

How to get information on the offers?

Send an e-mail to joanna at nenek ch


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The newsletter will be sent out about a month in advance.