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Dezember 2014

Neneks Event für Dezember wird nicht ausgeführt, da die Festtage bald vor der Tür stehen. Wider Erwartung ist der Frost nicht angekommen, daher sind die Haferwurzeln im Garten noch nicht geerntet. Dort gibt es nicht mehr viel zu holen, ausser wenn winterharte Gemüse wie Grünkohl, Rosenkohl, Wirsing, Lauch, Pastinaken, Schwarzwurzel (dazu gehört Haferwurzel), Nüsslisalat und Spinat eingesetzt […]

November 2014

Schau wie der Nasi Ulam des letzten Events aussieht:               Auf den schwarzen Tellern sind Tomaten vom Balkon und Cocktail Gürkchen aus dem Garten. Der Garten lieferte das schöne frische Zitronengras, die kleinen roten asiatischen Zwiebeln und die Koriander Körner für das grüne und rote Curry und das Sambal. Sesamsprossen […]

September-October 2014

A trip to Turin, Camogli and Genoa in September where the days are warm and the food was tasty,  had stolen the time for an event. Here a sample of the cultural riches and the nature which we had enjoyed: Turin               Camogli Genoa             […]

August 2014

The topic about banana has not left me in peace. Here is what I discovered in my neighbourhood. See how tall the trees are? And the suckers? It is incredible that such a “large” collection had escaped my notice. This “plantation” is about 5 – 6 years old. There are no bananas so far and […]

July 2014

As promised, here are the photos of the banana tree mentioned in the last Newsletter.   The purplish red parts are actually called bracts.The actual flower is relatively small and is light yellow and hidden in the axil of the bracts.       Here is a photo of the unripe pisang awak, which was […]

June 2014

Our walk along the shore of the Lake of Constance to have tea at Montfort Schloss and to the Museum Munzhof, Langenargen on 30th April in the drizzling rain ended at our friends’ house for dinner where this roughly 70 cm tall banana tree with two little suckers in the pot greeted us in the dining […]

May 2014

The ground temperature in the garden is warming up gradually but the critical days of the Ice Saints must be awaited before the tropical plants could really develop properly in the garden, thus the garden logbook will be shelved temporarily. The Indians play an important role in the cultural heritage of the Malaysians. The food […]

April 2014

This month Nenek’s garden log displaces the narration of the traditional festivals, because food served at Nenek’s should be grown organically. The motto is from seed to the table.  The “greenhorn” gardener got a present from Erich, our former neighbour at our previous home. He ceded 14 sq m of his garden. Here is a […]

March 2014

The 1st month of the year of the horse is almost over. We had “abacus beads” and “good luck Chinese New Year Salad”. You might ask, “why these names?” The answer: China has an area of almost 9,6 million sq km compared to Switzerland which has an area of a little more than 41000 sq […]