Braised spare-ribs in mild yellow curry

My grandmother used to cook this delicious dish on the stove fueled with rubber tree wood which were abundant and which were split with the axe by my elder sisters. Such a dish meant for dinner would be set on the fire directly after breakfast and a member of the family was appointed to ensure that the glowing coal neither died down nor the heat could get too strong or too weak until dinner time. We are living in very comfortable times now because we have the pressure cooker. Here is my grandmother’s recipe adapted to our times, for those who have a small jar of this curry mixture out of Nenek’s kitchen

In a pressure cooker pour in

2 Tsp (tablespoon) peanut oil, heat


2 cloves of garlic


1 small onion, chopped very fine,

stir and allow to get lightly brown

put in

1 to 2 heaped Tsp Nenek Mild Yellow Curry


1 level tsp (teaspoon) salt

stir well, add

1 to 2 Tsp water

mix well, then

 put in

4 pc (pieces) spare-ribs

stir until all pieces are evenly covered with the spices

pour in

1 C (cup) water

Screw the pressure cooker cover on

and cook until the 2nd ring is visible,

turn down the heat and maintain this ring visibly for 30 minutes.

Taste and re-salt if necessary.

Serve with rice or any kind of flat bread.

Garnish with spring onions or a sprig of coriander and chilli rings

Have fun cooking! Swiss spare-ribs are relatively big pieces this recipe could feed 4 persons, otherwise increase the amounts proportionally.